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 ACL Ltd. (D)
Airfreight: specialized in heavy-loads up to 120 and more tons payload; international air charter
Akkus Agir Nakliyat (TR) specialized in heavy & oversized transportats in Turkey
Aycock LLC (USA) Heavy-transport, Rigging, Erection and Installation in the North-East of the USA
Burkhalter Rigging, Inc. (USA) Heavy-transport, Rigging, Erection and Installation in the South-East of the USA
Dinamika Transport Service (H) Permits and escorts for heavy transports in Hungary
Diplomat P&E d.o.o. (SRB) Permits and escorts for heavy transports in Serbia
Fridenson Ltd. (Israel) Cranes and Heavy-Transports in Israel
Jehangir Services (Private) Ltd. (PAK) Road-transport:
Pakistan's biggest Company for Heavy Transportation and Heavy Lifting
s.c. Hans s.r.l. (RO)
(in memoriam only)
heavy-transportation, permits and escorts in Romānia
KAHL Schwerlast GmbH (D) Road-transport:
One of the best heavy-transport companies in Germany
Lima Bintang (Malaysia/Singapore) Road-transport:
and lifting in Malysia and Singapore; project logistics
Miller Transfer Co. (USA) Road-transport:
heavy-transportation at the east-cost of the USA
NTC Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (IN) Road-transport:
Heavy Haulers & Largest Project Transporters in India
Premier Transport (IN) Road-transport:
Heavy-transport specialist in India
Sabb Trans Inc. (USA/CAN) Road-transport:
heavy-transportation in USA & CAN
SCRA (USA) The US Heavy Transport & Rigging Association!
Sheedy Crane (USA) Road-transports & crane-works: heavy-transportation & -lifting at the west-coast of the USA
Trans American (USA) Road-transports: heavy-transportation at the east-coast of the USA
TransPi (BR) Road-transports: heavy/oversized-transports and crane works in Brazil
Transportes Mucino (Mexico) Road-transports: heavy-transportation in Mexico
TruckBytes (USA) Free software for truckers & affordable IFTA Fuel Tax services
VOSS International (D) Owner of the strongest girder bridge in Europe. Branches all over Europe. A specialist for Western / Eastern Europe / Northern Africa and Middle East
W.J. Casey (USA) Road-transports & crane-works: heavy-transportation & -lifting at the east-coast of the USA
XXL-Trans (D) Road-transports in Europe: oversized transports, low loader, a very good team!

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